Satan's Coffee

About us

Roasts to make the devil proud: Satan’s Coffee Corner has been serving high quality roasts and fuss free, delicious bites to Barcelona’s misfits, musicians, creatives and ravers since 2012.

Since its first incarnation serving high quality coffee in paper cups out of a shared storefront in Raval, Satan’s has evolved thanks to the kind of grass roots reputation that money can’t buy, and a commitment to doing things differently. From a constantly changing roster of speciality brews – now, as then, sourced and roasted by long term partners in crime Right Side coffee – through to its Japanese accented menu and in-house pastry chef; Satan’s is a welcome respite from cookie cutter coffee shops, and a meeting point for the city’s creative underground.


They say the devil has all the best tunes, and Marcos Bartholome is the guy leading the band at Satan’s. Hailing from a family of coffee roasters and restaurateurs in La Rioja, Marcos studied architectural photography in Barcelona, throwing himself into the punk rock and garage scene at the same time. Taking a typical DIY approach, Marcos soon spotted a gap in the market for speciality coffee in the city, and opened the original Satan’s as a space to combine his passions in 2012. Today he remains as passionate about beans as he is about bands, and continues as the creative soul of the company.


Marco’s left hand, Marta Sancho is the not so sinister force behind the scenes at Satan’s. If everything’s going well, you can thank Marta for being on top of things – from calling round suppliers, to taking care of hated paperwork, Marta’s mission is to keep things shipshape. Music and coffee are the fuel to her fire, and she recommends a flat white and a shot of Kendrick Lamar if you want to get things done!


Tokyo born Ken Umehara has been stoking Satan’s furnace for the last four years following a chance encounter with Marcos at a street market where each of them were impressed by the others’ produce. As obsesessed with hip-hop as he is with produce – in past lives Ken has been a DJ, a street artist and an architect – his current role as head chef at Satan’s sees him in charge of the savoury food and fermented drinks at both Gotico and Eixample locations. Arty but unpretentious in the kitchen (pretty much as he is in person) his menus show off his love of quality street food, messy eating and an undaunted pride in the flavours and textures of Japan.


Satan’s sweet side is all down to Manuela Rodríguez Viseras, the in house pastry chef for both Gotico and Eixample branches. Born in Venezuela but raised in the deep south of the USA, Manuela’s career in pastry has seen her pass through some of the most prestigious kitchens in Barcelona, including stages at El Celler de Can Roca and Tickets. At Satan’s she’s developed her own style of deceptively simple treats, that work as well with a breakfast cappucino as with a lunch time espresso. As for Manuela, her perfect pairing would be a large slice of classic birthday cake covered in rainbow sprinkles. With a Mimosa, of course.