Satan's Coffee


All of the dishes on our menu have been devised with coffee in mind: From hangover busting Japanese breakfasts with home made kimchi, through to our seriously addictive cookies and cakes, our food complements without dominating the flavours in our filters, shots and lattes. Seasonally updated and constantly exploring the world for new classics, Satan’s serves a riff on global street food that’s healthy while steering clear of clean eating clichés. Dig in.


  • – Toasted croissant with butter and home made jam.
  • – Butter toast with fake rum syrup and cream.
  • – Green Shakshuka with egg and bread soldiers.


  • – Yogurt with daigakoimo and old cookie crumble.
  • – Chia pudding with almond milk, poached cherries, almonds and coconut.
  • – Black rice porridge with coconut milk, citric wedges and hazlenuts.

Salad and creams

  • – ALL YOU NEED salad.
  • – Carrot simple soup.


  • – 18h Beef bikini with egg, cabagge, amamiso-mayo, and good chips.
  • – Tamago sandwich.

Japanese breakfast

  • – Keihan-don with torifleak and kimuchi.
  • – Chousyoku,
  • Choice of vegetable or animal protein, pickles, poached egg, rice bowl and seasonal vegetables.
Last coffees

🔥 We take coffee damn seriously. All our coffees are sourced and roasted by Right Side, a local speciality roaster who have been our partners in crime practically since we served our first drop. With seasonal varietals, and at least four new coffees each week, you might not find what you had last time, but we’re sure to have something else that will blow your mind.

🔥 All our coffees are available to take away in 250g bags, as beans or freshly ground.

El Roble


Deep aromas of cacao, red and stone fruits. Rounded mouthfeel with a strong body balanced between acid, sweet and bitter. Dominant flavours of ripe plum and cacao with delicate floral notes. Clean and lasting finish.

Tostador: RightSide

il0mba #i9


Fruits of the forest, honey, chocolate and yellow fruits on the nose; this is a smooth, elegant and powerful coffee with flavour notes of blackberry and pineapple. Wonderful structure and balance, with a almond and chocolate finish.

Tostador: RightSide



Molasses, spice and grapes dominate the aroma in this complex, delicious coffee. Rounded, juicy and creamy body with a duet between acidity and sweetness that foregrounds flavours of Moscatel, molasses, strawberries and honey with floral notes. A well defined, clean coffee with a coaca finish. Boom!

Tostador: RightSide

São Manoel


Chocolatey aromas and red fruit top off a sweet backbone for a rounded coffee with a well balanced mouthfeel. Notable for it’s strong honey tones, notes of milk chocolate and a sprightly acidity with flavours of cherry as well as a toasted almond finish. Clean and easy to drink

Tostador: RightSide

Santa Rosa


Delicate aromas of stone fruits and flowers. An incredibly complex coffee with notes of mandarin, peach and jasmine. Juicy and rounded body and a notable sweetness set off perfectly as a filter

Tostador: RightSide